Things are different between me and the donkeys

Lulu resting her head on Fanny's back.
Lulu resting her head on Fanny’s back.

When I got back from riding Chloe today, I went to visit with the donkeys.   Something spooked Lulu, but Fanny came up to me and started sniffing me.  I squatted next to her and I could feel her breath on my skin as she smelled my hands and arms and face.   I pulled up images in my mind from the time I spent with Chloe just a half hour before. Then I imagined Chloe in our pasture grazing with the donkeys and sheep.

I’ve been doing this, trying to tell Fanny and Lulu that Chloe is coming to live with us.

Eventually Lulu came back and the three of us hung around together for a while. I feel like my riding lessons with Chloe has changed the way I am around the donkeys.  I’m more confident, but also more loving.  I’ll wrap my arms around their necks and give them a hug or rest my body across their backs.  They haven’t always  been so receptive to such physical gestures, but I think they’re getting used to it.  Because the more I do it, the more they tolerate it.  And I don’t feel rejected, like I used to,  when they walk away from my hugs.  I don’t give up.   I’m more patient with them and just try again or let them go depending on what feels right.

5 thoughts on “Things are different between me and the donkeys

  1. Sharing is tough, especially when it means less time or attention with your favorite person. Of the six horses that live here at Sweetgrass, some cope with my divided attentions better than others. “Sweet spot” scratches and treats definitely help.

    1. I’m thinking there’s enough love to go around Sue. And I hope the donkeys will enjoy having Chloe and she’ll add to their lives in her own way.

  2. Hello, I just finished reading The Second Chance Dog and found the address for your site and Bedlam Farm at the back. I cried often in the book – especially at some of the passages near the end. Its beautiful story. A wonderful story.

    On my visit to Bedlam Farms site a moment ago I learned that Frieda has passed. I am so sorry, though, of course she’s not gone. I also learned in a post there that you are considering adding another dog to the farm. A good thing. We have had four, now two, soon perhaps three as we add the dog of the grandmother of our two oldest children who passed away herself recently. His name is Shadow, older and needing a new home and people now.

    I do not know if you still have the studio on the farm mentioned in the book, but I would hope to visit some day.

    I am glad to have learned of both your site and Jon’s. And glad for you both that you found each other.

    Peace and love to you both – and to all the creatures on the farm.

    – Jim Currie

    1. So glad you found the site Jim. We’re having an Open House on June 27th and 28th, and one in Oct too. It would be great if you could come to see the farm then. We should have our new puppy by then too. It will be nice to meet you. thanks so much for reading and I”m glad you liked Jon’s book. I cried too reading it.

  3. One of the biggest things Melody has taught me is patience. We will repeat softly over and over until she gets it. Even the tiniest clue from her is a positive! ( I love her)

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