A Pony And A Puppy


A Pony and a puppy!   Once I had a dream I was eating an ice cream cone and holding a kitten.   A dream for sure, I still smile when I think of it.  And now it turns out we’re getting a pony and a puppy.  In my opinion, that’s right up there with ice cream and kittens.  Only it’s real, like a dream come true.

Until the reality of it all started to sink in.  Which I have to say didn’t take long. My first thought was it’s too good to be true.  Tell me, I said to Jon, that something doesn’t have to go wrong.  Done with the old superstitions, I then went on to what I thought was the practical part of it.  I won’t have enough time to spend with them both and all the other animals and do my work and blah blah blah.  Okay, so this is one of my great neurosis.  That I don’t have enough time.

When I spoke to Karen, the puppy’s breeder on the phone, the first thing I said to her is, This is a miracle.  I was talking about the  way it all fell into place.  How Jon emailed Karen just as she got off the phone with her friend who decided it wasn’t the right time for her to take the puppy.  And how the moment I saw the photo of Fate (yes, that’s her name, argue with that), with that black patch over her brown eye and the other eye blue, I knew she was ours.  Because she already looks familiar to me.  Like I’ve known her a long time.

It’s not as if I’m not taking responsibility for my part in the decision, I am.  I have no doubt this is the right puppy for us and we’re the right people for her.  But I’m also allowing for the part that I don’t have control over.  I’m trusting that this is the perfect time for us to be getting not just my pony Chloe, but Fate too.  And that somehow getting them at the same time is going to bring with it something (besides learning how to have a horse and training a puppy at the same time)  I don’t yet understand.

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m saying yes and trusting life.  I mean, if a single mom can have a full time job and raise some happy and healthy kids (which happens, I’ve seen it)  I can certainly get a pony and a puppy at the same time and do well by us all.

I’m also thinking that the combination of pony and puppy will keep the lessons I most need to learn in my face. Things like patience, and being able to be the leader, being clear and not reacting out of guilt or my own issues.  And then there’s all the stuff I  haven’t even thought of yet.   So we’ll all be learning together.

The other part of it is that I  have Jon, who has raised and trained so many great dogs.  It’s going to be fun doing this with him.  I keep thinking, We’re going to have a puppy together, probably the closest we’ll come to having a kid together.  I’m looking forward to seeing how well we do and where the differences come.  There’s a  touch of anxiety in it all, but mostly excitement.

A pony and a puppy, imagine that!


21 thoughts on “A Pony And A Puppy

  1. Thrilled for ALL of you! Fabulous news – can’t wait to read all about it – your writing is terrific

  2. Oh, Maria,
    Your ideas and understandings are very beautiful! I am so pleased and excited about these new connections and adventures about to happen in your life! Your attitude says you are ready and I will be delighted to watch as you meet these lovely new challenges in your life.
    “Yes” to ice cream and kittens!
    “Yes” to puppies and ponies!
    All the best,
    With love,
    From Fran

  3. My heart is full up with happiness for you and Jon, Maria! I love the title of your post – couldn’t be more perfect and I think I shall smile all day from this wonderful news. Looking forward to watching Fate and Chloe blend into your lives.

  4. Congratulations! Twins, sortuv. The great thing about having the two is that you will not be able to focus too much on one or the other. You won’t get consumed by either one of them, just do what you can do the best you can do it and that’s that. So exciting!

  5. Maria, congratulations–a pony and a puppy. How wonderful. I can’t think of anything better after the cold, bleak, sad winter that you and Jon had these past months. They will, of course, keep you busy, but the sunshine, joy, and laughter that they will bring far outweigh any doubts you might have that relate to the responsibilities that you will be assuming. You are right, Jon has raised some wonderful dogs. He has been, in a way, a teacher to those of us who have read both his books and his blogs. He will be there every step of the way to help in any way you might need. Chloe will be a whole new experience for you and given how you felt about Rocky, she is an extension of the love you felt for him. Only this time, she will be all yours to love and care for. Fate, a name so appropriate for her, will give you the companionship that you so miss with the loss of Freida. What a wonderful companion she will be on walks and in your studio. Her energy and exuberance will light up your life. I envy you this next step, this next adventure, and wish you miles of smiles as you go down this road. My best to all of you followed by lots of love and hugs for the creatures with whom you share your life. Jane

  6. Lighten up! No worries. It’s yet another adventure. And what’s a little more manure in your life at this point?

    You’re already a good mom. You’re just adding two more kids to a very blended family.

  7. Congrats! It is so exciting and I understand your anxiety. But how exciting it is! And the lessons you all will learn are such incredible life lessons. Did I mention how exciting it is ??? A pony and puppy !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. What fun it will be, following your next adventure. Chloe looks like she could be Red II ! And Fate—well, just her name sums it up!! Enjoy!!


  9. Maria, I expect you will have many responses to you and Jon getting a puppy. As he has said, all kinds of thoughts and opinions come his way and as a result, yours as well. I’ve always felt, although I have had one experience of taking in a two year old sister to my already owned female and it worked out well as they were both lovely personalities, not like the drama queen and pepperpot I have now. And I’m no spring chicken myself. But I feel strongly that taking on a puppy and growing with it, you get to train it how you want it to behave and respond to you; it gets to be part of your family from nine weeks or so onward, it’s the length of bonding time that goes on when you get a puppy and yes, you’ll be training for the first year to three…BC’s may not mature, as Aussies don’t either, until they are about three years of age and even then, I question that they really do mature. Chewed cupboards, chewed shoes, potty training, obed. training, training around a horse to respect the danger of being kicked by the horse, all kinds of things are going to happen. The only thing I’d say is…take a crate with you. A pup running loose in the car will drive you both nuts and it could get loose on the way home. I have a good recipe for dog bisquits, if you have time to make them, they’re good and not filled with not-so-good stuff. Enjoy the drive…I drove nine hours too to pick up Miss Pepperpot three years ago, down through the Alleghenies, a friend came with me, we stayed overnight and drove home the next morning, we’re just an hour north of Toronto. It was an easy and pleasant drive. There is nothing more endearing than an affectionate, playful and mischievous puppy. Best of luck,
    Sandy P, in Southern Ontario, Canada.

    1. I washed the crate out yesterday Sandy. Getting ready for Fate to come, and I don’t bake anymore, lost my taste for it a few years ago but thanks for the bisquit idea anyway.

  10. I think the puppy having one blue eye and one brown eye is further confirmation that she (?) was fated to come to you and Jon! Precious. Am so looking forward to the stories.

  11. Maria and Jon,
    Traveling Mercies to you on your journey. This time you bring home your own miracle. So much to learn, so much to share, so much to love.

    Peace be with you.


  12. ” I don’t bake anymore, lost my taste for it a few years ago ”
    Love the play on words, Maria.
    As one person has said, Jon has helped many of us to focus on our training with dogs. His post this morning outlined it thoroughly; what I liked best was not winding a pup up. Teaching them to be calm. BC’s are driven enough, Aussies as well but less so, still, so many people overlook this aspect of raising a pup. Life does move on. That’s the one thing dogs do teach you when you love them, when they are part of your heart and soul and when they die, a short cycle of life that begins again with a new puppy.

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