One of my Tree Potholders on Yuko’s Cedar

Yuko's Tree Potholder
Yuko’s Tree Potholder

Something I never thought of, what a beautiful way to photograph my Tree Potholders.  Yuko took this picture of the potholder she bought from me, hanging on the cedar tree in her back yard.   I love the way the texture of the bark looks with the fabric and the lines on my tree.

Yuko also sent me a picture of a Singing Cottonwood.  Which made me google  the tree, how could I not.  I found this video of a recording  of what the Singing Cottonwood sounds like.  Yes, it actually makes a sound that our human ears can’t hear without some help.  Reminds me of the drumming class I took a couple of years ago.


4 thoughts on “One of my Tree Potholders on Yuko’s Cedar

  1. Love the recording of the cottonwood tree, we have one in our front yard. The leaves in the wind sound like little plastic cards. Small birds love to nest there because they grow so tall and the branches are so close together that it’s very safe.
    Happy you are having so much fun with your pony, they are such beautiful animals to be around.

  2. Amazing! I live in a village in New Mexico on a street called Alamos (Spanish for Cottonwood). The street (just a dirt road when I first moved here) was clearly named for an enormous and ancient Cottonwood tree about 100 yards from my house. That tree has been a touchstone for all the kids and dogs and hikers passing by. It would take a dozen people to get their arms around its trunk, it’s that big.

    I frequently touch it, hug it, talk to it, because . . . well, just because. And to think it’s been singing all this time.

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