Solo Ride with Chloe

Getting ready to ride. Photo by Jon

I had my first solo ride with Chloe today, with Jon cheering me on.  I  groomed her and got her saddle and bridle on without a problem.  Then took her out into the ring.

First we  walked in a circle, so I could get a sense of how Chloe was feeling this afternoon.  She was eager to be there and very responsive to me.  Then we did the things we usually do when Eli is there giving directions.  I had her voice in my head when I felt myself  leaning to one side in the saddle or when I made other corrections.  I also heard her  smiling voice when we were trotting in rhythm up, down, up, down.

I was a bit tense today, so at one point I shrugged my shoulders forward and back then dangled my feet out of the stirrups to loosen my hips and move with Chloe’s step.  Once I let her trot when I didn’t mean for her to.  But I made her walk again when I realized it happened.

We did okay alone together for the first time.   I feel nothing but joy at the thought of Chloe being in my life. There’s no tension or angst.  We’re compatible, like old friends who are comfortable with each other.

4 thoughts on “Solo Ride with Chloe

  1. Maria, can you believe how your life has changed since marrying Jon? He’s right about the publishing world changing, Kindles & Amazon have changed the world of books and yet, he and you have both found a wonderful way of connecting, of he, in promoting and sharing his writing with a flock of followers, his messages honest and also full of hope, yours, creative, honest, putting into words what many of us feel, as does Mary Muncil on her White Feather Farm site. You’ve all put Cambridge, New York on the map. And now Chloe and Fate coming into your lives. I thank you both and Mary as well for enriching my own life here in the country north of Toronto, Canada. I can relate to much of the way in which you live at Bedlam Farm 2 and in how you express how you feel about things. You bring smiles into my life.
    Best, Sandy Proudfoot

    1. I still find it amazing the connections I’ve made since knowing Jon and starting my blog. So thanks for being there Sandy. Kindred spirits.

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