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fate  in crate

“Come on Fate, let’s go to work”, I said as I left the house for my studio this morning.  She followed me into my studio calmly taking in her new surroundings. But it wasn’t totally alien to her, she went right to the crate, which was loaded with chew toys and tiny smelly treats.  She gobbled up the treats then came out to explore some more.  She made her way through my studio, sniffing the cracks in the floor boards and crawling behind my desk.  When she started to get playful, I handed her a rawhide and placed some of her other chew toys near her and she laid down near my desk and chewed.

I imagine she was a bit worn out.  She had already taken her morning walk on McMillan Road, chased Red as he herded the sheep, run away from the donkeys and gotten hissed at by Flo.  She also had some lessons in come and sit and figured out how to share the back seat of the car with Red. Red and Fate

In a little while, she started to get restless, and I watched her as she walked around the studio again.  Then as she grabbed some scraps of fabric from a box on the floor, I let her see me throw a few more treats in her crate and called her over.  She eagerly went into her crate. I named her behavior saying, good crate, as she went in then I closed the door.  Moments later she was fast asleep and I was  tacking my quilt.

fate sleeping in crate

I let her outside when she woke up an hour or so later.  When I heard the single scratch on the outside of my door, I couldn’t help thinking of Frieda.  That was how she let me know she wanted to come in.  One single scratch, just as Fate had just done. I opened the door knowing that I had a studio dog again.

Today was  our first day in the studio together and it went really well.  There was an ease to our being together.  With a little encouragement and a few corrections,  she seemed to know just what to do.   It’s true that I didn’t get as much work done as I usually do.  But then I smiled and laughed a lot more than I usually do too.

13 thoughts on “Studio Puppy

  1. What a great first studio day you had with Fate! This post warmed my heart. I could see Frieda speaking to her from the Heavens, “Just one scratch…”

  2. Crates are magic. It’s a shame you can’t stick human babies in them without somebody calling Child Protective Services.

  3. Maria, a BC puppy is hardly the docile companion people may expect in a breed and are so intelligent as to go off spinning in their heads sometimes, but they are a wonderful breed, second only of course to Australian Shepherds (smile)….It’s comforting to have a small furry companion in your life and in your studio. Jon’s training programme is leaving me feeling very inferior (another smile), when I look at the behaviour of our three and four year old, I’m embarrassed to think of how their training has slipped. I’m following his comments with interest. She’s a dear, wee pup and I, like you, are a more protective mother…
    SandyP, in Canada

  4. Oh my – Fate is a keeper for sure (not that you would return her). The updates on both your’s and Jon’s blogs are terrific reads with my morning tea. Thank you for sharing your world, Maria.

  5. So sweet Maria – how interesting that you “named the behavior”, makes a lot of sense. She is content with you.

  6. OH MARIA!! HOW BEAUTIFUL!! You and your puppy are already such a team!! A little like mother and young child right now, but that can be a great team, too. Annie

  7. Ooh, wouldn’t that be nice, Maria? A quiet little cave, with a soft pillow and some toys, where all you are supposed to do is take a little nap. And maybe someone would throw in a few treats . . . Heaven!

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