Singing to Fate

Jon singing to Fate

Jon can be pretty tough with Fate, when it comes to training and  not giving into her wily ways.  But he can also be a big mush.   He sings to her and she licks his face.   They’re pretty cute together.

11 thoughts on “Singing to Fate

  1. Maria, Raising and training a puppy is like raising a hyperactive toddler. Wait until Fate gets into her teenage years, which will be a matter of weeks, given their time span here on earth…they push the boundaries, try your patience and act out like brazen teenagers can do…but they’re so darned cute, it’s hard not to give in to their cuteness…that’s how they worm their way into your heart.
    And can you imagine that I bought property further north in a development some years ago and one of the clauses was: no clotheslines. I can’t imagine something like this holding up in a court of law. If I built a home on the property, I’d be surely challenging it given how expensive running a dryer is these days. Clotheslines do speak of a time when life was more innocent, where mother’s gathered on Monday mornings to talk over back garden fences…where has that all gone.
    And dog runs are a blessing…people look at our property here and say, must be great for the dogs to run…well, one move into the next field with long grass chasing something and they might become a meal for a coyote that night…dog runs are essential.
    Loving the journals, yours and Jon’s,
    SandyP in Can.

  2. Kate looks like she is singing too. Oh, the adventures of puppydom.
    She will keep you hopping. Fun and games. In the long run, down the road, this will be a happy memory when she has really calmed down and showed you the devotion an adult dog shows. You are developing a great bond with a great puppy. As I look at my older dogs, I wish they were young again, but then I wouldn’t have them as they are today. We who have dogs, and other animals, are the lucky ones. I can’t imagine a life without them.
    I look forward to seeing how Fate relates to Chloe.
    Enjoy your weekend. From the looks of Fate and her antics, it will be a busy one.

  3. Two great songs my dog loves: “Do You Wanna Dance?” (why yes, yes she does) and “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch”. Doesn’t everyone sing to their dog?

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