I’m Alive Goddess

Alive 1

Today was one of those days where everything I tried to do just didn’t work.  My potholders turned to mud and the quilt I started turned to mush.

But  yesterday, it all went right. The I’m Alive Goddess wanted to be remembered.  Without losing any of her power, she got a sense of humor.  And each time I stitched another one, I wanted to do more.  I made nine in all.  They’re all at Kim’s right now  being made into potholders. Daily reminders of our strength and the primal beauty and sensuality that is in each of us.

Here’s a couple more….

Alive 2

Alive 3

I’ve been collecting pictures of ancient goddesses on  Pinterest  for a while.  If you want to see some of them, surely an influence, you can click here.  I’ll be selling these for $22 each + shipping. When they’re  done I’ll post all nine of them.


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