Rest Peacefully Paul

Paul, Jon and Sarge
Paul and Jon at Blue Star with Sarge

Our dear friend Paul Moshimer, Pamela’s husband, from Blue Star Eqiculture died today.  Peace and love to you Paul.

11 thoughts on “Rest Peacefully Paul

  1. Maria, I, like many or most of your readers and followers feel as though we know the people Jon and you speak of on your blog and thus, it was a shock to come upon Jon’s announcement of the death of Paul Moshimer. Whether expected or unexpected, death is so final; here one moment, gone, in another. I lost a wonderful friend this week as well. It’s a sobering experience and for me, makes me all the more thankful of what I have here in my life, not a perfect life but one that I’m grateful for. I’m sorry to read of this,
    Sandy P in Canada

  2. Oh Maria, I’m so sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and Jon, to Pamela, and to all who loved Paul.

  3. I wish I could have known him, he sounded like a most honorable man. He will live on in Pam and the horses I am sure, as well as in the hearts of all who knew him.

  4. I am deeply saddend by the announcement of the death of Paul Moshimer. I had the honor of knowing Paul professionally and personally for 29 years. My history with Paul was through his years of involvement with the fire service while he lived in Maine. As I reflect, I can recall numbers of lives that were changed because of Paul’s knowledge and helping hand. My condolences to Pamela, family, and friends. He was truly a great man.

    1. Again and again William I heard people who said how much Paul meant to them and how he helped them. It was a sad and beautiful thing.

  5. I feel so sad for you and Jon and Pamela,my thoughts are with all of you as you comfort each other and celebrate the life of this good man.

  6. Dear Maria, How BLESSED Pamela is to have you as a sister in life, sharing the bright times, caring in the darkest nights. If Paul could only have used his massive creativity and spirit to bring his shame and despair out on canvas, or fabric, or paper as you have done. You are such a bright light in a dark place. This new art work and writing on exposing and conquering the experiences that caused you to feel shame for decades, is one of the most powerful yet. My prayers go with you as you comfort a dear friend Annie

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