Win a T-Shirt by Rachel Barlow in The Common Thread Give-a-way

T-shirt with the Coat of Arms and Chivalric Code of the Order of the Eternal Missing Sock. by Rachel Barlow.

This month’s Common Thread Give-a-way is just in time for Father’s Day.  Rachel Barlow has made her Coat of Arms and  Chivalric Code of the Order of the Eternal Missing Sock into a T-shirt. The front has the Coat of Arms and the Back the Chivalric Code. The Code reads:

A Knight of the order shall
 Show Courage when Battling Bills or Backed-up Toilets
(even if the knight can’t tell the difference),
Show Honesty always except when Wisdom is wiser
(as when asked if This Outfit Looks Fat), 
Show Mercy for those using the bathroom next 
(by turning on the fan, Man!),
Have Faith that there will be enough 
mismatches to make at least one
 complete pair of socks.
To have a chance to win Rachel’s T-Shirt, just leave a comment on her blog Picking My Battles.  You can get there by clicking here.  She will choose a winner at random on Thursday. Good luck in winning the T-shirt and finding that missing sock!




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