Suzy’s Hand Spun and Knit Blue Shawl Auction to Benefit Blue Star Equiculture

Suzy's friend Jen, modeling Suzy's Shawl
Suzy’s friend Jen, modeling Suzy’s  Blue Shawl

When my friend Suzy Fatzinger heard about Paul Moshimer’s death, she wanted to do something to help Pamela and Blue Star Equiculture.  Suzy raises Angora goats and an Angora bunny and is a hand spinner and knitter.  She won a Blue Ribbon for spinning my sheep Socks’ wool into yarn last year.  And I’ve had her work in more than one of the Bedlam Farm Open Houses.

So, Suzy made a  Blue Shawl and decided she wanted to donate it to Blue Star Equiculture.   She asked me if I would help her auction the shawl to raise money.   So that’s what we’re doing.

Suzy hand spun and hand knit the mohair, llama and wool fiber.  So you know it’s soft and lovingly made.

We have a starting price of $125.  And hope to raise as much  money as possible for Pamela and the  horses at Blue Star Equiculture.

The latest bid is $500!

So, here’s how it works.  Starting at $125 you can leave a bid  at the bottom of this page on my comments.    This way everyone can see the latest bid.  The auction will last one week and Suzy’s Blue Shawl will go to the highest bidder.  I’ll announce the winner on Saturday morning.

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates.  I think the shawl is a beautiful symbol of the love and warmth that Pamela brings to the people and horses at Blue Star.  The kind of feeling you want to wrap yourself in.

Suzy's Blue Shawl
Suzy’s Blue Shawl

30 thoughts on “Suzy’s Hand Spun and Knit Blue Shawl Auction to Benefit Blue Star Equiculture

  1. What a beautiful shawl. I am a knitter and can appreciate the love put into making this shawl. Bid $130.00. Good luck, great idea.
    Joan A.

  2. I will increase my bid to $275. And I apologize if my bids are “out of sync”. Other comments/bids aren’t appearing until after I send my comment. Pretty funny really. I imagine I am not the only one this is happening to. This is an interesting auction! I hope I am in order now. Let’s keep it rolling!

  3. Maria and Ken, they is a delay in the bid posts, it seems to interfere with the progression of the bidding, i.e. reading the previous bid and bidding according,(when I put in a 2nd bid at 3 a.m,. there were only 6 bids posted) is there a possible solution?

    1. I can’t moderate the bid all day long every day Marie, I’d have to sit at my computer all day long to so that. We’re all just going to have to be patient with the process. This isn’t ebay, it’s my blog.

  4. Just a note, 45 minutes have passed, my email is still in moderation, I understand moderating comments…..

  5. Thankyou EVERYONE, for your contributions so far, in the bidding process! I am so grateful for the ability to offer support to Blue Star and provide encouragement to Pamela. She resonates love and strength. Blue Star is lighting the way for a greater understanding of the human-animal relationship and bond. Absolutely worthy of all the support it can get. Thank you, thank you

  6. Hi Maria,
    I am very grateful to you and Jon for introducing me to Blue Star! The shawl is beautiful! I bid $450.

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