Josie and Remix at Blue Star

Josie driving her horse Remix
Josie driving her horse Remix who’s pulling a stoneboat

“Luna doesn’t like things on her butt” Josie told me.  I pulled the blanket off from behind me that was on Luna’s back.  Josie was riding next to me, in the horse procession for Paul last week at Blue Star Equiculture.  I haven’t talked to Josie, a lot although I’ve worked beside her with the horses.    She’s shy, one of those people who doesn’t talk much but when they do, you listen to what they’re saying.  And I heard her when she told me that about Luna, because when the blanket fell off the horse in front of me and someone on the ground draped it over Luna’s butt, she suddenly wasn’t very happy and I had no idea why.

But then Josie knows about all the horses at Blue Star.  She started volunteering there when she was nine years old.  Now she’s sixteen and she both rides and drives her horse Remix. She’s at Blue Star at least every weekend helping to feed the horses, muck the stables, working with Remix and do whatever else needs doing.  She has a quiet strength and confidence and sweetness.

When I asked her how she learned to ride, she said,”By watching and doing.” Then added, that she wasn’t a really good rider and she liked driving better.  I’ve noticed that most of the people at Blue Star say they’re not good riders.  But there they are riding, often bareback on those giant horses.  I’m not sure what they mean by good or who they’re comparing themselves too.

Pamela gave Remix to Josie when he first came to Blue Star.  It’s beautiful to see the two of them together, the ease and love that flows between them.   And it was really impressive to see Josie driving Remix, who was pulling her on a stoneboat, this afternoon.  (Stoneboats were used to move rocks to build stone walls.)

This is one of the many wonderful things that happens at Blue Star Equiculture.  And there are so many people like Josie, who come to Blue Star to learn and grow with the horses and the people.   And it changes their lives for the better.  I know, because I’ve met so many of them and because I’m one of them.

2 thoughts on “Josie and Remix at Blue Star

  1. This picture makes my heart happy. I was that kid once, sitting behind a great horse, when Dad would let me drive.

    Sometimes, I stare out the window next to my cube and I wonder where she’s gone.

    It thrills me that other kids still get to do this.

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