Today I Need Wings, A New Wallhanging For Sale

Today I need wings
Today I need Wings

After emerging, my I’m Alive Goddess crawled right back into the hidden place where she was living inside of me all these years.  But that seems to be the way it goes.  I’ve found that epiphanies are shocking when they happen, but they don’t automatically change my life.  It takes time and work to change my mind and the body, where  beliefs live.   And I like the idea of change as a spiral.  We spiral up and down (picture a spiral on its side) but are ever expanding.

So after my Goddess emerged and I was feeling a strength like never before, I started to sink.  Because the goddess also brought out all those old dark feelings that had settled in me.  The Goddess emerging is like dredging, she stirred everything up.

Yesterday, I woke up thinking “Today I need wings”.   I needed some help to bring me back to a better place.  So I gave my goddess wings.  Then I found some other women in my studio that looked like they could use a lift and gave them wings too.

I stitched this piece on a  vintage linen that had a green pepper in a chefs had embroidered on it.  (She seemed to me to need some wings for sure).   Then sewed  a couple of different fabrics on it and stitched or used maker on the rest.

wings pepper

So she’s back and I’m happy to say, now that she’s emerged, my I’m Alive Goddess is here to stay.

Today I need Wings is  Sold for sale. It is 22″x34″ and is $175 + $10 shipping.  If you’re interested you can email  me here at [email protected]

Detail of women with marker drawn wings.


11 thoughts on “Today I Need Wings, A New Wallhanging For Sale

  1. This is a wonderful hanging! I love it – sorry I’m late to the party, so to speak. But, I know whoever purchased it will adore it. Your creative juices are really percolating, Maria!

  2. I don’t recall exactly how long ago it’s been, but I was fortunate to receive one of your first streaming pieces entitled Goddess of Goods. Much of what you created were renditions of very domestic items:a house, a dog,a full bowl, milk bottle, sewing machine, cakes and pies, etc. surrounding the goddess, whose hair is long and flowing behind as wings. I sit with this pillow every day at my computer spot and revel in your creative growth as an artist and a woman.
    You see, you’ve ALWAYS had wings; just sometimes they are hard to see when you are free-falling from the stratosphere, wings tucked tight against your body, spiraling towards earth, anticipating the next expression of your spirit. There you go——“GERONIMO!!” as the sky divers yell exiting the comfort and safety of the airplane. Soar on!

  3. The finished piece is glorious – the border is pefect for the rest of it. She is definitely the Resurrected I’m Alive Goddess!I love the little domestic ladies and their wings.

  4. Oh WOW! I love this. And I love what you said [“my ‘I’m Alive Goddess’ is here to stay”]. Now I am imagining you bestowing wings on me, too, because I could sure use a lift. In fact, I think I do an art journal entry to this effect. This is so awesome.

  5. This made me laugh out loud with happiness.Goodness, but you are getting more in control of your life than I have of mine– and I am at least 20 years older than you are.

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