Fate and Gee’s Bend

fate and gees bend book

I always sit on the floor of my studio when I’m looking through my art books.   Today it was my “bible”, my Gee’s Bend Quilt book.
I left it on the floor when I got up to start sewing.  Soon after, Fate got up from her spot on the rug by the door, and plopped down next to my book.  Eventually she moved  all the way onto the book, but I guess it wasn’t that comfortable and she left it for her crate.  I don’t know what her interest in the book was, but I liked seeing her take an interest in it.  Even if she was only trying to decide if it was something she could chew on.

5 thoughts on “Fate and Gee’s Bend

  1. She wanted your smell 🙂 She is changing so fast. I think I love her. Does she send you good messages? Do you tell her secrets? She really looks like a dog who would keep all she learned close to her chest! I can’t wait to see her! My heart is yearning to meet Chloe :)I think we’ll be there!

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