Fran’s Mini Gardens At the Bedlam Farm Open House

Fran's Mini Garden
Fran’s Mini Garden

I can get lost in Fran’s mini gardens.  Looking at them, I’m immediately small enough to be in them.   Walking on the stone paths and sitting on the benches.  Frans says she finds them calming to make and I think that peacefulness can be felt when gazing at them.  They’re like little meditations in a way.   But there’s also a romance about them.  The broken pots like ruins in a Baroque painting, the moss covered steps and reflecting balls.

My sister Fran will once again have her mini gardens at the Open House in just a couple of weeks.  For the weekend, they turn the space just outside my School House Gallery into a tiny wonderland.  They sell pretty quickly,usually only a couple left by the second day, but Fran will be here on Saturday to answer your questions and tell you all about her gardens and how she makes them.   These are some of the gardens she’ll have at the Open House and  you can see more here on her facebook page Fran’s Mini Gardens.

mini 2

mini 3

mini 4

4 thoughts on “Fran’s Mini Gardens At the Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Maria,
    These are so beautiful. My goal is to visit an open house one year. I live in Washington State and hope to make it one day.
    Take care,

  2. Sue, I know exactly what you mean. I am looking forward to making it to Bedlam Farm one day, too!

    Maria, these mini-gardens are lovely. I would definitely purchase one if I could! Have a wonderful Open House. It looks like you have a spectacular list of visitors and events. Have fun! I’ll look forward to the posted photos and videos and the stories—oh, the stories!!!

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