A Pile of Potholders for the Bedlam Farm Open House

potholders poen house

I picked up my last batch of potholders to sell at the Open House from Kim today.  Kim showed me some of the felted wallets and purses she working on.  I would have taken some pictures, but I left my iphone home.

I have potholders that I made from my box of scarps last week.  For the first time in a very long time, I was having a hard time working.  I couldn’t seem to put two pieces of fabric together that I liked.  I was uninspired.  So I got out my box of scraps and started sewing.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I got the potholders back today.  I hardly remember making them.  So it was fun to look through them and try and understand my thinking when I put them together.  But then I realized it was more a lack of thinking that made them work.  Some better than others, but then I’ve found that often the ones I really like are not other people’s  favorites.

I also made some Tree Potholders and I’m Alive Goddess Potholders.  I’m finding that many of these are being framed instead of being used.  My potholders, art that functions in many different ways.

I spoke with Jack Metzger today and will be meeting with him tomorrow at his Gallery and Antique shop “Jacks Out Back” in Cambridge.   Jack’s busy with two show’s this fall in galleries in Albany and Bennington.

Karen Heenan sent out her kids dresses made from recycled fabric in the mail today.  And on Tuesday I’m going to Carol Law Conklin’s to bring back her batiks for the show.

Pamela, from Blue Star Equiculture and her horses Piper and Merlin can’t make it to this Open House, but will be coming for the October Open House.  But Joshua Rockwood, will be here to speak about his farm.

It’s all starting to come together.  By the middle of next week my studio will be the School House Gallery once again.

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  1. I have two potholders, but I just hung them up. They always brighten me up when I look at them Have a great open house!

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