Pony Meditation, A Prayer for Peace

Lulu and Chloe
Lulu and Chloe

I sat  on a bucket in the pole barn.  Everyone was there, the sheep, Fanny and Lulu and Chloe.  I just wanted to be there with them.  Be one of them. Experience what it’s like to just sit with them.  Slowly Fanny then Lulu came and stood behind me.  Just stood there.  Then Chloe came.  She lowered her head next to mine, and we stayed like that.  Not moving except to flick away flies.

After a while I lifted my hand to Chloe’s face and ran it along the muscles of her jaw, then under her jaw to the soft and fleshy part.  I  lightly felt her nose and mouth, her pitted and bulging chin.  I wasn’t petting her or scratching her, I was just getting to know what her face felt like, the hard and soft, curved and flat, muscles and bone.  She didn’t move.  Then  she touched her nose to my hair and face.  Getting to know me in the same way I was getting to know her.

No one demanded anything of anyone, we were just being together.  It was the kind of communication that happens in silence.  With just being present, with the tiniest touch.  It was peaceful and grounding.  My mind was actually quiet.  A pony and donkey meditation.  They do it all the time, I was learning to do it with them.

Later I got a message from my friend Pamela from Blue Star.  She’s at World Peace and Prayer Day and asked everyone to say a prayer for peace when the sun is highest in the sky on this Summer Solstice.  I had forgotten it was the Solstice, the longest day of the year.    I missed the moment, the sun wasn’t at its peak when I sat with the animals in pole barn.  But the prayer was the same.  It’s what I was doing with Fanny and Lulu and Chloe surrounding me although I didn’t realize it at the time.  It was a meditation on being together peacefully.  A prayer for peace.


3 thoughts on “Pony Meditation, A Prayer for Peace

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey of animal spirits and friends. I, too, felt the peace intended for this day with my Samwise donkey while I brushed him. He loves the mat rakes (meant for dogs — our farrier clued us in on this) and gets his itch scratched. I just brushed and brushed until he moved away slowly to get a drink of water. It was enough. It was fine. I saw a blue heron — big and strong — over a pond near us on my first solo ride with my new horse, Gold. I believe it was a good sign for us both. I know you are embracing and enjoying your journey; somehow, it helps me open my eyes wider to mine.

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