The Bedlam Farm Open House, School House Gallery

Karen Heenan's Girls Dresses
Karen Heenan’s Girls Dresses

I’m all ready for the Open House tomorrow.   Just a few things left to do in the morning.  If you were to come into my School House Gallery and turn to the left  and keep walking, this is what you’d see…

One of my  wall hangings and my potholders
One of my wall hangings and my potholders


Carol's fabric prints, trivets, notecards and cutting boards.  Also an original Batik.  Jack Metzger's " "Shaman" and my wall hanging.
Carol’s fabric prints, trivets, notecards and cutting boards.  And her original Batiks.  Jack Metzgers sculpture and my wall hangings.
More of Carol's, Jack's and my work.  Also Mary Kellogg's books, Tom Adkin's books, and Jon's books.
More of Carol’s, Jack’s and my work. Also Mary Kellogg’s books, Tom Adkin’s books, and Jon’s books.
One of Carol's original Batik's.  Rachel's magnets and Hoga Charms.   Kim's felted purses.
One of Carol’s original Batik’s. Rachel’s magnets and Hoga Charms. Kim’s felted purses. ( Oh I see I left my potholder on top of some of Kim’s purses in this photo. And oh, it’s too late for me to go out and take another picture….but  you get the idea)

And here’s a few close ups….

Jack Metzger "Shaman"
Jack Metzger “Shaman”


Kim McMillan's  felted "Owl Purse"
Kim McMillan’s felted “Owl Purse”
Rachel Barlow's "Hoga Charm"
Rachel Barlow’s “Hoga Charm”



6 thoughts on “The Bedlam Farm Open House, School House Gallery

  1. I always love watching the Schoolhouse Gallery come together, watching from faraway California. Someday I hope to visit in person, but for now, I’m grateful for the chance to visit virtually, like a fly on the wall. Have fun!

    PS – My Tree Goddess potholder still lovingly protects my kitchen.

  2. I love these photos & wish I wasn’t way down here in GA. Did you redo this building for your studio or were these walls, windows, etc. there when you moved in? These walls are beautiful & look like heart pine or pine paneling. Just beautiful & all of the items on sale are so tempting. Thanks for sharing. Mary Ann Cauthen

    1. My Studio is pretty much the way it came Mary Ann. Except for the heat, insulation, ceiling and electric. It was an old School House that the previous owner moved to the property in the 1960″S

  3. Dear Maria, How I love these photographs of your personal, creative space! The wood on the walls and floor are such a beautiful back drop for all your fiberart (and the art of others!) And the pic of Fate licking Red’s chin is PRICELESS!! My son’s new lovely, very artistic lady is begging me not to come to a Bedlam Open House until she can go with me and we can experience it for the FIRST time TOGETHER. (she and my son live in NC) I have told her, she better hurry because I can’t hold out much longer!!!! Annie

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