Hitting A Deer

Jon and Red

I’m feeling a little vulnerable, opened up and even more sensitive than usual after hitting a deer this morning on our way to Blue Star.   I was driving and the poor deer didn’t die instantly, but  didn’t live too long either.  I sat with it until it died.

And it’s true what Jon wrote, that I didn’t ask him if he was okay until after I dragged the deer from the road onto the grass.  But we were  all okay.  And no one else was involved.  And the car has a lot of damage, but that’s the least of it.

I felt better when a truck pulled up and the man inside asked if he could have the deer.  He butchers the deer himself, he said, and it would help feed his family.  Not a wasted life then.

Later Pamela sent me a Deer Medicine Card.  Deer is all about love and gentleness.  Being caring and  accepting of others as they are, not trying to change them or pressure them.  And using persistent sweetness in the face of darkness.



4 thoughts on “Hitting A Deer

  1. That was an accident. A difficult experience to live through. I’m thankful for your honesty. Take good care of yourself, and don’t shut down your feelings. I, too, like that someone took in the deer and will feed a family with it.

  2. Maria, when something like this happens, I think we all put ourselves into your position and how you would feel. For myself, I would have been traumatized and devastated but also grateful that in the scheme of things in life in the country that the deer meat would be used to feed a family. Deer are a constant awareness driving in the country where I live as well and while I know that terrible accidents can happen because of deer, I’m thankful that both you and Jon were not hurt. Still, I would be left with a very heavy feeling after an experience like that.
    Sandy P in S.Ont.,Can.

  3. Hi Maria, how sad..I witnessed a woman in a mini van dragging a deer in her right bumper, the deer finally got free and lay struggling to get up in the middle of the road, the lady in the mini van kept going, limping along with the car bumper now underneath the car..I jumped out of the car I was in and grabbed the deer and pulled it as gently as I could to the side of the road on to the grass. She was still alive and did not try and hurt me, instead she was still and un afraid. She had the most soulful brown eyes, I stroked her neck and told her it would be OK even though I knew her injuries were terminal. The lady who had been driving the car I was in got a blanket from her car and I put it on the deer..her breathing by this time was pretty ragged, blood coming from her nose and mouth. A bunch of ppl did pull over and ask if they could help..some parked their cars and stood by watching the deer slowly die. I was at the point of going back to the farm to get some aceproazine to inject the deer as it was clearly suffering (btw we had called the police, so did other passerby’s and it had been 20+ minutes and no one had shown up). Anyway, as I was stroking her and looking into her eyes I watched her pass away..her eyes glazed over and her breathing stopped. I covered her face with the blanket and got back into the car. It was a profound experience and the only regret I had was that I do not have the knowledge to have ended her life sooner and put her out of her suffering. Thank you for sharing your experience-it felt good finally writing about mine..

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