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It was like stepping back in time bringing my shoes to King’s Shoe Repair in Bennington Vermont.   I was surprised there was actually still a shoe repair shop around.

There was no small talk,we got right down to business.  Some of the stitching on my red shoes was coming out and the velcro doesn’t stick anymore.   The owner, who spoke with an Italian accent, didn’t take my name or phone number, just gave me a yellow ticket with a number on it and told me to come back at the end of the week.

I tend to  have long relationships with my shoes.  When I find a pair I love I wear them everyday and expect them to last.  Years ago, I had a pair of black boots once that I had resoled and  had the tops patched so many times the shoemaker finally told me I had to get a new pair, he couldn’t fix them anymore.

I  love places like Kings Shoe Repair.   In my mind, I still think of it as a Shoemaker’s.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that man put my shoes on the self at night and when he came in the next morning they were fixed by the elves.   It was like walking into a fairy tale going there.  I bet after the elves were done, my red shoes were up all night dancing.




14 thoughts on “The Shoe Maker

  1. We have a wonderful shoe/leather repair shop 30 miles away. They have in been in business at least 30 yrs. The last time I was there there were cowboy boot, work boots, purses, and dress shops awaiting their turn.

  2. Loved this post, Maria. One question, though. Did the shop smell of leather? Love that smell. I remember it from when I was a child and Mom would take me shopping for black patent leather shoes in a shoe store.
    I hope the “elves” do a wonderful job on your red shoes. They are kind of famous. You are wearing them in many of the photos Jon has taken of you.

    P.S. So sorry about the deer yesterday. It was truely an unavoidable accident. Those deer come out of nowhere here in Iowa, too.

    1. Oh, I didn’t notice the smell Dawn. but it makes me smile thinking about it. Maybe it just didn’t register in that way, but added to the whole experience.

  3. Love it! I tried to leave a comment a few posts ago but my phone went all wacky after I typed my comment. You can’t stop those red shoes from dancing! My favorite story in Women Who Run is the story of the Crescent Moon Bear. “Arigato Zaisho!”

  4. And can you see the ‘children’ of today becoming shoemakers, Maria? With their electronic devices, noses and thumbs pressed to screens, where will all the shoemakers go and others with specialty skills such as his. This man is a craftsman but where will the world go in this day and age without skilled people like him. His face is full of character. We also have a shoemaker here in our nearby town; he is of a different cultural background, Russian I think, very personable, a character and I think how lucky we are too, to have someone with his skills here where we live.
    SandyP in S.Ont.Can.

  5. Enjoyed reading this and your photo of Mr King is sweet. Have gone to shoe repair shops like this my whole life. Even the sign in the shop is similar to shops here in suburban Philly. Old school Italian men with great work ethics!

  6. Oh, how this post made me smile! We have a place similar as King’s Shoe repair and I, like you, tend to wear my shoes/boots until I no longer can after many repairs.
    I love how you said you believed fairies came in to fix your shoes at night– I think the same thing!
    And I love going to our little cobbler shop and stepping back in time too — there is something so therapeutic about it.

  7. I’m pretty sure Elvis Costello had it right when he sang “The angels want to wear my red shoes”. I’ll bet the angels are borrowing them once the elves have finished.

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