Finally Fate


I always miss Jon when he’s away, but today I really missed him.  He’s in New York at a Yankees game with his daughter Emma and her husband Jay.  I’ve seen enough baseball games to last me the rest of my life, so I stayed home with the animals.  And today it seemed  like we have twice as many animals as we did yesterday.

I can’t say I didn’t realize how much Jon takes care of Fate.  Because I’m aware of those times when I’d actually rather wash the dishes or do the laundry and let Jon deal with her.   But with Jon away, some extra little devil erupted in her.

She dug up the begonia in the flower pot outside my studio door, knocked over a candle spilling wax, but luckily not setting anything on fire, threw up  on my studio floor, and chased a chipmunk during our walk in the woods disappearing for a scary five minutes or so (probably eating what she would later puke up in my studio).

By the afternoon, I was longing for Lenore and blessing Red.

But finally, finally, around 9pm she  curled up in her bed with her new squeaky, stuffed, eggplant and fell asleep.  And in all her quiet stillness, all is forgiven and forgotten…..until tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Finally Fate

  1. My almost 2 year old shepherd mix chewed thru my new $129 leather sandals. I thought she was past it but noooo.

  2. And she still has that look of mischief in her eyes, Maria, like…who me, did I do anything wrong…I was just missing Jon, trying you on for size….it is scary when a dog takes off and you can’t see them. My older Aussie is good off-leash, my younger one, still just over three, I was training off-leash from the dog run to the house and she was doing well until one day she took off up the laneway, into the fields, close to the road, I panicked, ran after her, couldn’t find her, resigned myself inside of five minutes to having lost her when something ran into my legs, it was Meg (for Nutmeg). I ended up with exercise induced asthma for two months. She’s not off-leash yet. I know that I have to try and retrain her again but the fear of loosing her holds me back. I need Jon here retraining her.
    SandyP…and while I like to hear the thwack of a baseball bat, I can’t stand it either…

  3. It’s an evolutionary fact: Babies, puppies and kittens are made cute so we don’t kill them before they have a chance to grow up. Hence the phrase “It’s a good thing you’re so cute because otherwise I’d . . . I’d . . . [insert empty threat of your choice].”

  4. We have a 7 week old puppy in our house. I’m not sure how 2 weeks can make such a difference, but the cute little baby has suddenly become more work than I remembered! I’m sure upturned flower pots and puke are on the horizon. It’s hard not to smile, though, when he falls asleep.

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