The Last Tree Potholder

last tree potholder

It was like just finishing a delicious meal, so good I ate too much, then the dessert comes.  Something rich and gooey, with whipped cream on top.  I take two bites and just can’t eat any more.  I want more, it looks so good, but my stomach can’t do it.

That’s what I felt like when I sat at my sewing machine, stitching the last Tree Potholder.  Like I just couldn’t make one more. My mind said yes, but my body said no.  And I thought, I’m done.  Done making Tree Potholders.

It happens with all my potholders, but usually it’s not so definitive.  Usually I just move on without really thinking about it.  Or the idea that I’ve been working on, (like the everyday goddesses)  naturally evolves into something new.

But today, it was visceral.  I actually saw a creamy dessert in my mind when it hit me that I couldn’t  stitch another tree.

It’s possible the Trees will come back, but if they do, I think it will be in another form, or with another purpose.   But I feel like I’ve already moved on.  I don’t know to what yet, but making space for the next thing is a good way to begin.


4 thoughts on “The Last Tree Potholder

  1. Maria, do you think it has anything to do with Paul’s death? That was my first thought when I say the title “The Last Tree Potholder”.

  2. Moving on…Maria, it’s good to know when you’ve saturated your creative mind and be done with something. I feel the same way about mid-Aug. hanging up my Bed&Breakfast laundry…enough, already….but then, there is a certain symmetry in hanging out sheets on a clothesline…and so…I move on…to my next load of laundry.

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