Fate and Her Toy Bear

Fate with the stuffed bear that Karen made for her
Fate with the stuffed bear that Karen made for her.

Fate has a lot of toys, in the house and in my studio.  One of her favorites is the green bear that Karen Heenan made for her.  And it’s held up really well considering how much Fate like to chew on it.

When Karen sent her girl’s dresses made from tablecloths to me to show and sell at the Bedlam Farm Open House in June,  she included  the green bear for Fate.   Now Karen is selling the dog toys on  ETSY  and Fate is her model.  When Fate first got the toy I sent pictures of her enjoying the bear to Karen.  She asked if she could use them on ETSY  since she doesn’t have a dog (although plenty of cats) and I thought it was a great idea.

Fate’s the perfect model, there’s a sweet picture of  her sleeping and using the bear as a pillow  and another of her chewing on it.   The bears are only $6 and come in a whole bunch of different colors.

Karen’s going to have some of her work at the Bedlam Farm Open House in October.   I’m going to ask her to bring some of her bears.  But if you can’t make it to the Open House or just can’t wait till then, you can get one here, and see Fate in her first modeling job too.

9 thoughts on “Fate and Her Toy Bear

  1. Fate doesn’t look like a Pirate Dog in her modeling photos, does she! She looks like she cuddles quietly with her bear all day.

  2. Maria, the first thing that came to mind when I read about Fate and her devotion to stuffed toys is…where is Red in all this? Is he okay with her having toys, does he not want them himself? You see, here, I have had to take certain stuffies away from Meg & Annie because horrible fights have ensued. In fact, having had two quiet Australian Shepherd females before these two, sibling sisters, there was never a moment of discord between them. They were obedient, quiet, and devoted to one another. While Ceilidh had her head in the clouds and sniffed the flowers never knowing how she ended up where she did, I thought all Aussies were like Hope & Ceilidh who have since died. The present two females, different kennels, different lines, one a red tri, the other a black tri have had some explosive dog fights. In fact, at my age, I can honestly say that they are sometimes more than a challenge. Annie jumped out of the back of my car while I was driving (very slowly) one day. I had a guard between the front and back seats but she pressed the electric window button and jumped out to meet a JR who was being walked beside the river with its owner. I nearly had heart failure. The metal guard came down and two wire crates were purchased for the back of the SUV. Not sure why these two have landed in my lap, but like Jon, I’m learning new ways of dealing with what I had thought would be two quiet Australian Shepherds.
    SandyP in S.Ont.Can.

    1. Red isn’t interested in toys Sandy. He likes the treats, people and sheep and Jon of course, that’s about it. And they don’t fight over the treats, Red takes what he wants, but he doesn’t want much. Red is a saint dog. He makes all our lives easier.

  3. $6.00? Seems so little for the beautiful craftsmanship in Karen’s work. I have no dogs but if I did I would certainly support Karen’s work by buying several.

  4. $6 isn’t much for the mini bears, I agree, but in pricing my work, I take account of my materials cost, which in the case of these bears is nothing. They’re made from remnants of larger pieces which cost more, but since I just can’t bring myself to throw anything out, I figured out something to do with all the scraps of sweaters and other projects. It only takes a few minutes to embroider the faces, and the sewing time and amount of stuffing is minimal. I like having a wide variety of price points so that everyone who wants to purchase can — it may not be the exact piece they wanted, but they can find something in their price range.

    And the mini bears have been selling like mini hotcakes this weekend, between online sales (thank you, Maria!) and a craft show this afternoon. Good thing I have a very large scrap box.

    1. I’m the same with my materials Karen, so i know what you mean. I’m glad you got some sales for your bears. Good for everyone!

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