Intuition Goddess Quilt

Goddess Quilt
Goddess Quilt

I began working on this Intuition Goddess Quilt a few weeks ago.   My friend Jackie gave me the old quilt and a few others.  This one was the most faded and worn (there are many places where the fabric is completely gone and the batting is melting away too) and one day I had to urge to start drawing on it in marker, so I did.

It’s been hanging on the wall in my studio since then.  in-between other work, I’ll go to it and add some color or fabric.  But today I jumped into it again.

I feel like I have so much stirring inside me from reading Women Who Run With the Wolves, so many ideas and images.  But I’m also reading a book by Marija Gimbutas called The Language of the Goddess.  Actually it’s more pictures than words, it all about the sculptures and symbols of the ancient goddess.

So all of that going through and coming out of me is what’s in this quilt.  I’m trying not to think about it too much, letting my  intuition guide me.

This is so different from anything I’ve done before, yet it’s easy to see how it came out of everything else.  I imagine when it’s all done, I’ll understand it all more.  Here’s some details of what I have so far….

goddess quilt detail glory dog

goddess quilt detail goddess o fflowers

goddess quilt detail  ballerina

goddess quilt detailshoe

goddess quilt detail goddess surrounded by flowrs

3 thoughts on “Intuition Goddess Quilt

  1. I love the story that is unfolding. Especially love the inclusion of the snake, a deeply feminine spirit guide. I met my snake in a dream/drumming journey recently. She brought me messages about trust that i’m still dancing around. I have a hard time trusting an animal that helps herself to my eggs and baby chicks with absolutely no apologies! The nerve. Gees.

    1. Listen to the dream snake Nicole. She’s been with the goddess from way back as you know. Not sure how to reconcile her with the egg eating snake. They’re just two different creatures I guess.

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