Intuition Goddess Quilt, Continued….

goddess quilt detail  horse head

I see the quilt as my canvas.     The texture of all the hand quilting is someone else’s ground work.  I’m not starting with a blank canvas.   It has a history devoid of me, yet connected to me  through the tradition of quilt making. I’m drawing lines with my stitches.  Some are dashes, some continuous, some tiny, almost invisible dots.

I don’t know what I’m going to do from one  moment to the next.  This morning I looked at my Intuition Goddess Quilt hanging on my wall and I knew I wanted to patch together pieces of fabric to fill out the horses head.  I knew the fabric I wanted to use.   And now that it’s done, it looks exactly as I pictured it.  That rarely happens when I make something.

I think making this piece is strengthening my creative intuition.

Just started working on the donkey tree.
Just beginning to work on the donkey tree.


5 thoughts on “Intuition Goddess Quilt, Continued….

  1. Hi Maria, I follow both yours and John’s blogs and they inspire me every day. I have a question that is simply technical: What kind of markers do you use on this quilt?
    I would like to gift an old quilt to my daughter and let her express herself and I like this idea.
    Just wondering about the marker running if washed, etc.

    1. I use permanent markers Cindy. I don’t plan on washing this, but I’ve used them before and they wash well. I’ve used Sharpies and Crayola. I’m sure any brand is fine. And there are some great colors out there. I love that you’re going to pass this idea along to your daughter. Hope she has fun.

  2. Maria, I agree with Jon. This will move people. Much of your art is not my type. I appreciate it’s artistic merits, but it doesn’t appeal to me. This, however, is different. It strikes something different and deeper. It uses color and fabric in new an different ways. It is thought provoking and I believe takes your artwork to a different level. Kudos. By the way. Have you ever considered using your designs on clothes? I see them there rather than on pot holders.

  3. There is a method of dyeing by using Sharpies with Alcohol, then applying heat. During a meeting, a member of my quilt guild showed us how to do it. It’s pretty cool and permanent.

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