The Evolved Man

Jon and Fate
Jon and Fate

As you might imagine the topic of Cecil the Lion and the dentist from Minnesota has come up more than once in our house.   Today at lunch I was telling Jon how much I was moved by his latest blog post about the mob mentality around the issue.  As upset  as I was when I first heard about how Walter Palmer killed  Cecil,  it’s unfathomable to me that people are threatening his life, family and livelihood to the degree that they are.

And why not, as Jon writes, do something constructive, try to have something positive come from it instead of  propagating the anger.

The other thing I can’t understand is why someone would want to kill a lion, or any animal, for sport and hang its head on the wall as a trophy.  Not in today’s world.  So Jon explained it this way.  You have to be a man to grasp it, he said.  It’s a macho thing, the ultimate manly act to travel to Africa hunt a lion and bring it home.  But you don’t want to do that, I said to him.  No, he said, my equivalent of that is wanting to win the blue ribbon for my photography at the County Fair.

I got up and kissed him.  That’s the evolved man.  There is hope.

7 thoughts on “The Evolved Man

  1. How sweet is this, the photo of Jon and Fate. It shows what a big teddy bear he is.
    John’s explanation of the equivalency of wanting to win a Blue Ribbon for his photography at the county fair instead of the macho thing of hunting and killing a lion, or any animal is most meaningful especially when one has followed his blog, books, poetry and photography. It is another look into the soul of a man with a big heart.
    The news of Cecil’s death and the cruel manner in which it happened is truly beyond my comprehension. Jon’s blog about the positive choices people could make in Cecil’s memory echoed that of the comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue on his show Wednesday night. Those of us who love animals and nature should find strength in the knowledge that there are so many ways that we can use to memorialize Cecil.
    Thank you for sharing this sweet photo.

  2. WOW! What a great picture of Jon & Fate! This pic. makes such a statement of the kind of man Jon is, the contentment, peace & love we wish all men could share & just gives me the all over warm fuzzies!! Thanks for sharing! Mary Ann Cauthen

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