Detail from my “Intuition Goddess Quilt” continued…

goddess quilt detail 3

I got this idea yesterday to make little squares the size of some of the squares on the original quilt I used as the ground for my Intuition Goddess Quilt and draw one  thing on each one.  Today I decided to stitch the drawings.  This first one is a drawing of an ancient stone carved goddess.  I put the straight pin in the photo so you can get an idea of the size.

goddess quilt detail 6


goddess quilt detail 5

This one is a drawing I did from a photo in photographer Vivian Maier’s  Self Portrait’s book.  It was the position of her arms that interested me.

goddess quilt detail lamp

This photo shows the squares that I was inspired by as well as the lamp drawing.   As you can see  there are places where the fabric is worn off and the batting is visible.  There are also places where the batting is worn off too and the quilt backing is visible.  Using marker, I colored the back of the quilt where it shows through to the front.

goddess quilt detail

Here, again, I used a stone carved ancient goddess as the model for my drawing.  I used the design above the goddess to give her a crown.  That design was found on an archaic Greek vase (although not as colorful as mine).   The piece of fabric that I sewed next to the goddess has girls and boys playing with a dog on it.  I don’t remember where I got it, but the fabric looks like it’s from the 1950’s.

I think I’m just about done with this quilt.  Tomorrow I’ll look at it again then, I think I sit with it a while to make sure.  I bet Jon $5 that no one would want it, but I’m happy to say I lost that bet.  It’s already sold.

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