Another Quilt from Gary’s Tshirts

Gary's 3rd quilt
Gary’s Quilt so far

When I sent pictures to my friend Diana, of the quilts I made  from her husband Gary’s T-shirts, she loved the quilts  so much she wanted to keep them.

I value Diana’s opinion so it was nice to hear this.  But then, she still needed a quilt for Gary’s brother.    So she asked if I would make another for  him and one or two more for her daughters.

I agreed, happy to do it.  Also Diana showed her appreciation for my work by paying me more that what I asked for.  Having the extra money allowed me time to work on my “Intuition Goddess Quilt”  without feeling like I had to get it done quickly or even had to sell it at all.   It also speaks to my sense of self-worth, something I’m constantly dealing with.

Two days after agreeing to make the quilts, I got a box in the mail filled with Gary’s T-shirts.  Today I sorted through them and pulled out the ones that deal with Brooklyn, and some of the old guy stuff (as Diana called it).  These are the things that have meaning for Gary’s brother.   Then found the colors that work well with them and started cutting and  sewing.  I got a good start today.

Jon and I are going away for a couple of days so I won’t get back to it till after the weekend.  It’s something to look forward to on Monday morning.

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