Happy Birthday Jon

The bracelet I made for Jon
The bracelet I made for Jon

I can still remember the smell of the jute, as I stood in my bedroom tying macrame wall hangings.  It was the late 70’s and I was probably one of the few people still doing macrame.  I was in high school and taught myself from books.  I never used the patterns they suggested, always made up my own.  I only had a couple of friends and spent a lot of time alone.

When I was thinking of what to get Jon for his birthday, I went to see Heather at our bead store, for inspiration.  I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I saw the already made friendship bracelets.  Jon and I buy them for each other sometimes and wear them till they fall apart.  But this time I decided to make one for Jon.   So I got some waxed colored hemp and went home to see what I remembered.

I cut four strands of hemp and stared at them.  I couldn’t figure out what to do.  So I googled friendship bracelet and found simple instructions.  I still didn’t remember as I tied the first knot,  than the second.  But as I got the fifth or sixth, my hands just took over.  They remembered.   Under, over,  under, over, when I thought about it I couldn’t do it.   So I just let my hands do what they do.

Jon’s speaking at the Dover Library Dessert Social tonight in Vermont.  He made a deal with them for a two night stay in a B&B in Vermont.  So that’s where we’ll be spending Jon’s 68th birthday.

The longer we’re together and the more we go through, good and bad, the more I love Jon.  We’re compatible in ways I never even imagined two people could be.  He’s always growing, changing, moving on and ahead.  Something I never want to stop doing either.  And he’s a wonderful thinker, curious and not afraid to have any conversation.  Life sparkles and glows around him.  He holds love in his fingertips with every touch.  How grateful I am to celebrate this day with him, to spend my life with him.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jon

  1. What wonderful thoughts and feeling you share about yours and Jon’s relationship. It is heartwarming to see how you feel about him, about how your relationship continues to grow. You are most fortunate to have a relationship like that. Many people are not that lucky. Actually, I don’t think that it is luck; you and Jon always seem to be working at developing your relationship so that it grows and grows evolving into something unique and special to the two of you. The love and respect that you have for each other is evident in your words and pictures. The thoughtful way in which you live your lives allowing each other the space to have your own individuality and creativity is something to be admired. I love the fact that you are in sync. Keep it up Maria. Enjoy each other and the peaceable kingdom that the two of you have created. Fondly, Jane

  2. What joy to have found such love later in life. I relate to this and love reading about how much you both love each other so much. Thank you for sharing so much of your life, and growth with us.

  3. I took a macrame class many years ago and made several plant hangers which I still use. Jon is going to love this bracelet – I bet he’ll never take it off.

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