Hanging My Intuition Goddess Quilt with Velcro

Industrial Velcro
Industrial Velcro

Janet, who is buying my  Intuition Goddess Quilt, asked me in an email, something that I had been thinking about.   How to hang my Intuition Goddess Quilt . Janet said she didn’t want to just nail it to the wall, especially since the fabric is so delicate.  I hang my quilts from curtain rings, but this one was different, because the top of it is bowed, not straight.

I thought of making loops that were graduated in size so it could hang  on a curtain rod, but when I pictured it in my mind, I didn’t like the way it looked.  Then I thought of when I was working at the Hillwood Art Museum on Long Island,  and there was an artist who made giant hook rugs, at least 6’x8′ and hung them with Velcro.  If I did the same with  the quilt it’ll hang on the wall like an unframed canvas on a nail.   With no visible hanging system and as flat as a quilt will hang.

So I did some online Velcro research, found out which Velcro could do the job and told Janet about my  idea.  She sent me her own thoughts on Industrial Velcro in this computer drawing she did…


…which I thought was  really  smart, fun and creative.  I felt like I was getting a look into how Janet thinks.

Today I sewed a big white tablecloth on the back of my Intuition Goddess Quilt then cut, peeled (the velcro has an acrylic adhesive) and stuck and stitched the 4″ wide x 5″ long pieces of industrial Velcro to the top,  back of the quilt and on the bottom corners.   I did a test run using just two pieces of velcro (there are 7 pieces of velcro in all on the back of the quilt) which I  attached to the wall with thumbtacks and it held beautifully.  (The Vecro that attaches to the wall has acrylic adhesive on it too).


Intuition Goddess Quilt hanging with Industrial Velcro
Intuition Goddess Quilt hanging with Industrial Velcro

I’m really excited about this new way of working and plan on doing more of them.  This piece takes my drawings and my wall hangings and combines them to create something totally new.  This old quilt was the perfect surface for me to work on, because it’s so faded and leaves lots of room for my drawings as well as providing a great texture and history to work with.  And I love working so big.  It’s very freeing.

As I was working on it, I was wondering how I would know when it was done.  But when it was, there was no question in my mind that I had drawn the last line.  I just knew it was done.   But then that’s what the Intuition Goddess is all about.

2 thoughts on “Hanging My Intuition Goddess Quilt with Velcro

  1. Maria, most quilts used for display ask to have a four inch sleeve sewn to the back…don’t know if this is a good alternative to know about or likely you already do. Any of my work that goes out for exhibit requires this.
    I love the quilt by the way, lord almighty, you are one creative woman running with your internal creativity. Isn’t it exciting to take chances.
    SandyP in Ont.Can.

    1. Thanks Sandy, I do know about it , but that wouldn’t work with this quilt because the top of the quilt has a curve to it. If It hangs straight across the top, it doesn’t hang flat against the wall. I also like that there is no hanging system visible with the velcro.

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