Equines at the Morning Gate

Chloe, Lulu and Fanny
Chloe, Lulu and Fanny

Lulu is not impressed with Chloe.  When she wants a treat and Chloe is being pushy, Lulu backs up into Chloe  pushes her away.   Chloe always moves and Lulu gets her apple or donkey cookie.

4 thoughts on “Equines at the Morning Gate

  1. Hello Maria,

    I am new to your website! I came across your website via your husband Jon’s favourite blogs! In fact I am only a recent follower of life on Bedlam Farm. Thank you for posting the lovely photo of Chloe, Lulu and Fanny. I have had quite a few “grey days” lately but you and your husband Jon’s creativity put a smile on my face ! Thank you Leonie

  2. I love your goddess banner. . .is it for sale? I always seem to ask about things too late, so thought i’d try to get a jump on this one! Read Women Who Run with the Wolves many years ago with a beloved friend and a group of women. . .it worked magic, eliciting amazing from all. . .thanks for all you are and do. . vg

    1. I Still have to finish it with a backing an all Veronica, but I’ll email you about it. Thanks for asking. Must have been wonderful to read the book with friends, such fruitful discussions.

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