My River is Flowing….

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I finished tacking the third quilt  that I made from Gary’s t shirts today.   I’m learning something about working with  knit fabrics.  I don’t use pins,  my sewing machine has a “knit” setting so I don’t have to use any interfacing either.  I also didn’t leave the front of the quilt hanging on my wall this time, as I usually do with my quilts.  I know it stretched the fabric our of shape on last two I made.  They came out well, but this one is has less puckering in the corners and edges.  And It’s just getting easier for me to sew the knits, because now I have much more experience.

I’m going to make one or two more quilts from Gary’s shirts in the next couple of months.  But tomorrow I’m looking forward to starting something new.  I have an idea for potholders I want to try,  then there’s my quilt Back and Back idea.  And I want to start another large drawing on fabric, like my “Intuition Goddess Quilt”.  Guess I’ll have to come up with a name for that one.  It feels good to have so many ideas brewing.  My river is flowing…..

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2 thoughts on “My River is Flowing….

  1. Maria, it’s wonderful when you’re a creative person to have so many ideas flowing but what happens when you don’t. How do you feel? How do you get ‘unstuck’? I have been there myself several times, which surprised me as that has never been a problem with me; I have a friend right now who is in this unmotivated trough. She says it’s like loosing her best friend. I know how that feels. How do you get your motors revved up again being a creative person?
    SandyP in Ont., Can.

    1. It doesn’t happen to me often Sandy, but I just went through a dry spell. what I found myself doing was looking at art books and reading Women who loves with wolves which eventually inspired my work. I think the dry spells are when we are ready to make a change and need to stop what we’re doing take in new information and let it come out when it’s ready.

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