Hope in the Flowers at Blue Star

Mithra and Jon
Mithra and Jon in the garden

We spent more time with the humans at Blue Star Equiculture today that the horses.  After a spontaneous swim in the river we met Mithra in the Blue Star Garden he planted.

We tasted tomatoes, so many different, delicious varieties.   Mithra showed us one of the first sunflowers blooming,  most of its petals still folded in on itself, creating what looked like a hand making a peace sign.  And his greatest pride, a purple stingbean, that a 7 year old girl said tasted better than cotton candy.

Mithra is a beautiful soul who wants to change the way people farm, starting with healthy soil.   He told us he want’s to go back to Sri Lanka, where he’s from, and start a Soil Revolution.  Witnessing his passion and hearing his very practical plans, I don’t doubt that he can do it.




2 thoughts on “Hope in the Flowers at Blue Star

  1. Dear, Dear, Maria!! What a beautiful photograph! How meaningful the words you wrote! My work often keeps me far away from a computer. And I am so grateful that you have so much of your amazing writing and art work and photos saved on your blog. I just spent a glorious hour catching up on the last two weeks of your generous, loving life. Annie

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