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My sheep Deb is named after our friend Deb, who watches the animals when we go away.   Deb was one of Ma’s twins. Her bother Jake, was never healthy and didn’t survive long after his birth.   Our sheep Ma died sometime after that.

Deb, now over a year old is so much like Ma.  Yesterday I saw her out in the pasture  grazing by herself, something Ma often did.   And Deb’s big.  Bigger than the other lambs who are both wethers.  Deb’s father was a Cheviot and her mother a mix with some Border Leicester.   This year I can see  a touch of gray in her fleece, not the creamy white from her first shearing.  I think she has a pretty face, her features softer than the Cheviots.  She’s messy like Ma too.   Always getting brambles stuck to her face, last year her fleece was hellish to skirt, filled with all kinds of sticky seeds, even more than the other sheep.    I’ll be shearing the sheep again in October. It will be interesting to see how her yarn turns out.

Deb can be loud too, she came into the world baaing and in a way hasn’t stopped.  In the past few days, she’s taken up casing Fate when she’s herding along with Suzy and  Zelda.   But she generally has a gentle nature, much like her Ma.

8 thoughts on “My Sheep Deb

  1. I love hearing about Deb with a bit of the background and your explanation of the wool and how the colour is changing. Thanks!

  2. How wonderful to hear how your little lambs have grown and to hear how they take on the characteristics of their parents! I enjoyed hearing about Ma and Jake again and Deb is one strong little lady. How are Suzy and her Pumpkin doing? And Liam?

    1. They’re all doing well Susan. Pumpkin is quiet and keeps out of trouble. Liam hangs around with his mom Suzy (Socks is Pumpkins mom, and she’s fine too) and they both get into chasing Fate at bit.

  3. I knew as soon as I hit submit that I had written the wrong mom for Pumpkin! How I do enjoy hearing about all their different personalities. I must admit to being partial to Pumpkin and always loved Ma and her twins. I have learned a lot following their lives–good, bad, happy & sad–as all lives go. You have a good flock with intriguing textured wool. I have not managed to get Kim’s wool yet which is unique but love to hear of the change in color of Deb’s wool.

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