Dancing Goddess Potholders


goddess potholder 2

I open the book and look for the goddess that speaks to me.  Then I draw my version of her with my sewing machine.

From "Language of the Goddess" by Marjia Gimbutas
From “Language of the Goddess” by Marjia Gimbutas

The symbols that surround her also come from Gimbutas’ book The Language of the Goddess.  Most of the Goddesses and symbols have to do with life-giving fluids and birth, fertility.   Before male Gods started creating life this was, naturally, the work of the Goddess.

Some of these images go back over  7000 years ago,  they were carved into and out of rocks.  The Goddesses and the symbols decorated pottery, and were made into jewelry.  Some are literal, a woman giving birth and some symbolic,chevrons symbolizing a beak which refers to water birds  and  life-giving water.

I make them mine and mix them up.  An alphabet out of order.  But it works for me.  Telling an old story in a new way.  My Goddesses are dancing.

goddess potholder



goddess potholder snake

I drew eight Dancing Goddess Potholders today.  I’ll give them to Kim to sew together and should have them back next week.  I’m selling them for  $25 each + $5 shipping for one or more.

Dancing Goddesses pot

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