The Victorian Lady and The Goddess

Victorian Lady and Goddesses
Victorian Lady and Goddesses

My friend Kim gave me the linen with the Victorian Lady and the little girl appliqued on it.  So beautifully made and I wondered what I would do with it.  But yesterday I had no doubt when I pulled it out of my shelf.  That little hill they’re standing on was begging for some of the ancient goddesses found in tombs.  And all the death symbols that went with them.

And then, of course, the Goddesses of life wanted to surround them.  The Goddess next to the girl is crying the sacred life-giving fluids.  This Victorian woman and her daughter have the Wild Woman in them, even it’s being held down with manners and corsets .   I don’t think they’re shocked by what they see and feel, but are in awe and wonder at the connection that they feel to the earth and the Goddess.

All the drawings and symbols came from my Language of the Goddess book.   Jon scooped me and posted a picture of this wall hanging on his blog this afternoon.  It’s sold.

Victorian lady and goddessesdetail

4 thoughts on “The Victorian Lady and The Goddess

  1. Maria – I think this is my favorite piece of everything you have made. As soon as I saw it on Jon’s blog I knew it would sell in a heartbeat. Well done – you do the goddesses proud!

  2. I love it too Maria. I would call it “Awestruck,” because that’s how it makes me feel, and I imagine the Victorian lady feels the same. I’m so glad it sold so quickly for you (except that Tess wants it too).

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