Chloe, Comfort and Trust


Lulu, Fanny and Chloe
Lulu, Fanny and Chloe

As much as Lulu and Fanny like their treats,  they also crave attention.  They love to be brushed and have their ears rubbed, but they also like just to be near to me.  When I crouch down, they come over and lean against me and we’re just still together.  They seem to like this as much as apples and carrots.  I know I do.

And now I see it’s the same with Chloe.  I’ve been more discriminating with the treats and spending more time doing things with her.  Sometimes I just bring her into the pole barn and give her some extra attention.  Now she loves getting her hooves scraped, ears scratched and face brushed.   And when I’m done and take off her halter she hangs around and we just stand there together for a little while.

It’s a sweet thing, getting to know each other this way.    I’m beginning to have  the kind of ease with her that I have with the donkeys.  That kind of comfort and trust.

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