Three Elephant Quilt Back to Back

Three Elephant Quilt with Fate

I’ll admit I’ve made my dogs pose with quilts before, but this time, I was working on the back of the quilt and saw Fate’s back peeking through under the quilt.  So I quickly got my camera and took a picture.  I think she was just about to fall asleep, or tear through my studio chasing her toys.  You never know with Fate.

I changed the back of the quilt since yesterday.  Added a piece of blue on the side that made all the difference. Oh and I turned it upside down too.

But then I got to the point of tacking the quilt.  I realized that  I would have to choose which side the knots from the yarn would go on.  Usually, but not always, I tie the knots on the back of the quilt.  I thought of doing a little of each, knots and no knots on both sides, but in the end I decided the knots could actually work on the other side of the quilt.   And I chose the color yarn that I thought would work best on the side that the knots are on. I’ve never done that before.

So my first experiment with making a quilt back and back is all done.  I still don’t have it all figured out, even though I’m happy with how it came out.  I think I’ll have to do a few more before it sinks in.  But I think that’s a good thing, it’ll keep it fresh and ever-changing.    And not only am I happy with it, but so is Liz, she likes it enough to want to buy it as a gift for her husband.  Thanks Liz.

The back
The back of the quilt.  (oops, I forgot the hand stitch the bottom where I turned the quilt inside in.   I’ll get to that tomorrow.)

6 thoughts on “Three Elephant Quilt Back to Back

  1. Love this. Especially the front, formerly known as the back. Such wonderful movement of the elephants, the zigzags, the piano keys (well, that’s what it says to me). I hear music. A lively, spry yet stately, March of the Elephants.

  2. Love it Maria! I follow both yours and Jon’s blogs from Northern Ontario, Canada and hope one day to make it to one of your open houses with my daughter.
    Keep up the great work – you are such an inspiration.

  3. Hi Maria, Love your quilt! You are such a creative spirit! I am sending you some vintage embroidery and handkerchiefs; we recently cleaned out my mother’s home and I thought you would enjoy these treasures. Soon you’ll be getting a package from Iowa! Enjoy!

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