Fate Under My Desk

fate in studio

Fate loves to sleep near my desk when I’m sewing and under it when I’m not.   Here she is with my foot pedals and her toys.

One thought on “Fate Under My Desk

  1. How sweet to see Fate resting calmly and securely under your desk. It is a tribute to both you and Jon that Fate has adapted so well in any situation, or environment, in which she finds herself. It is apparent that she feels secure. Now you have a studio dog, a farm dog and a herding dog all rolled into one. Three in one. How great is that!!!!
    Life has its surprises. After all that you and Jon went through this past year—losses, health issues, etc. you have been rewarded with something special, Fate. Continue to enjoy her and all of the other wonderful animals in your peaceable kingdom.

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