My Sheep Liam

Liam, Suzy’s lamb all grown up.

Suzy’s lamb Liam is all grown up.  He started life getting into trouble, and I thought he’d continue to be trouble, but he’s actually calmed down.   He, like Pumpkin, our other male sheep is a wether. A castrated ram.    He still loves to hang around his mom Suzy.  The two of them are always laying near each other in the pole barn.   He’s given up on chasing Fate, something he only did a few times.  I think he’s handsome,  looks more like his father, Ted,  who was a Cheviot, than Suzy,who is a Border Leicester.  Sometimes, from a distance I get him mixed up with Zelda.   They look a lot alike.

I started measuring the length of the sheep’s wool because Deb at Vermont Fiber Mill, where I take my wool to be processed, said some of the wool from the last batch was too short to make into yarn.  She needs the wool to be at least 3 inches long.  So a couple of weeks ago I got a pencil and marked three inches on it and took it out to the pasture where the sheep were grazing and being herded by Red and Fate.   Liam’s wool, like Suzy’s, is already 3 inches long, so I’ll be shearing him for sure in October.    Zelda, Socks  and Pumpkin’s wool is still pretty short, so I may decide to shear them only once a year in the spring.  But I’ll measure them all again in another month to be certain.

Last springs wool is ready for me to pick up.  I’m not sure when we’ll get there, we may wait till the shearing in done so we only have to make one trip to the Mill.   But I’ll let you know when I have it and will be selling it.

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