First Video in a Long Time

For over a year I haven’t been able to post videos on my blog. ( I have been putting them up on facebook)  I got a new phone and something on my blog changed and I just couldn’t get it to work.  But now I’ve figured it out (with a little help from Jon).  So here’s the first video on my blog in a long time.  It’s Red and Fate herding the sheep this morning.  In the beginning Socks gets separated from the flock, then Red has to help Fate out.

I’m looking forward to making more of my visual poems now that I can put them up on my blog again.

11 thoughts on “First Video in a Long Time

  1. So interesting to watch! Thank you for posting. I don’t know much about sheep or training the dogs…seems like fun at times,but I suspect it is a lot of work! Keep on posting videos!

  2. Best wishes for getting back on Chloe, Maria. Your heart will let you know what is the right course for you.
    Love from Fran

  3. OH I love it! So good to see this. Photos just don’t tell the story the same way. Chloe is sure not going to be deterred from eating that green grass no matter what goes on around her, is she!? I had no idea the sheep would run that fast with the dogs.
    Hope you got some help yesterday with riding Chloe.. do tell us what your thoughts are now.
    Thanks again for the video. Love the fog and feeling.

  4. Chiming in again, I will be praying for you and hoping you can tuck some of these fears away. Know it must be very hard–but you have a beautiful life and husband and Chloe and Fate, and people who love your work and a beautiful place to live. I love your posts. Thanks.

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