Suzy Fatzinger’s Fingerless Gloves For the Bedlam Farm Open House

Suzy's handpun and Knit fingerless gloves
Suzy’s handspun and knit, fingerless gloves

Suzy spins her own wool then she knits the yarn she’s made.    A couple of years ago she won a blue ribbon at a County Fair in Pennsylvania with the yarn she spun from my sheep Socks’ wool.  Now she’s spinning Liam’s wool and is going to enter that in the fair too.

This October 10th and 11th at the Bedlam Farm Open House, Suzy (who my sheep Suzy is named after) is going to be selling her fingerless gloves.  After spinning the wool, she knits the gloves.   I think Suzy’s gloves look like flowers, and in the cold, dark days of winter they’ll be a reminder of spring in all those bright colors.

You may remember the hand spun shawl Suzy knit to benefit Blue Star Equiculture.  I auctioned it off on my blog this summer and raised $500.    And it’s well worth it.   I’ll be selling Suzy’s gloves for $38 a pair.   I know that doesn’t come close to covering the time and materials that she puts into making the gloves,  but Suzy loves  spinning and knitting.    Anyone who buys a pair of Suzy’s fingerless gloves will be getting  warm hands, flowers in the winter and all the love that she puts into them, along with a beautiful pair of gloves.

Liam's wool being spun by
Liam’s wool still on the spinning wheel while Suzy spins.

4 thoughts on “Suzy Fatzinger’s Fingerless Gloves For the Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Would love to buy a pair of these gloves but I live in California. Will they be for sale on the internet anywhere? Very partial to the blue pair on the top left of the stand.

  2. I should also like to buy 2 pairs of these fingerless gloves. I’ll wait until after your show at Bedlam farm if this would be better?

    I’d like a plain gray or brown pair for my husband and a more colorful pair for myself–I am in love with the rich corn-colored yellow pair with the darker yellow finishing band.

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