Bedlam Farm Wool For Sale

Yarn from…..Zelda,Pumpkin,Suzy,Socks and Kim.

On Sunday I picked up my wool from the Vermont Fiber Mill.   So, all those sheep that Red and Fate have been chasing around all summer, I now have their  yarn and roving for sale.  I had a few people on my waiting list from last the spring so I’m sold out of Suzy’s wool.  But I have some from the rest of the sheep.

If you see something you like, just email me at [email protected].   Shipping depends on quantity, just let me know what you want and I’ll let you know how much the shipping is.     Just let  me know if you’d like to send a check or I can email you a paypal invoice.

This is what I have:

Zelda's yarn
Zelda’s yarn

Zelda is a Cheviot, her wool is Sold Out 3 ply DK
I have:
3 skeins,  200 yards each  for $23 each
1 skein, 140 yards for $18  Sold

Socks' Yarn
Socks’ Yarn

Socks is a Border Leicester, her wool Sold Out is 3 ply DK
I have:
2 skeins, 200 yards each for $23 each
1 skein, 180 yards for $20  sold

Pumpkin's wool
Pumpkin’s wool

Pumpkin’s wool is Sold Out a bit lighter than his mother Socks’ wool.  He is a Border Leicester/Cheviot mix.
His wool is 3 ply DK.
I have:
1 skein, 200 yards  for $23 each
1 skein, 90 yards for $11 sold

Kim's yarn
Kim’s yarn

Kim is a Karakel.  Her yarn Sold out is 3 ply Dk
I have:
2 skeins,  200 yards each for $23 each
1 skein, 25 yards for $6 sold

Bumps from Liam and Deb
Bumps from Liam and Deb

I also have bumps for sale.  (Bumps is the wool before it is spun into yarn.  It’s used by hand-spinners, felters and even some rug hookers).

From  Liam, Suzy’s lamb who, is a Border Leicester/Cheviot mix I have:
3 – 8oz bumps for  $25 each
1 – 5.2oz bump  $16

And from Ma’s lamb  Deb, who is a Border Leicester/Cheviot/? (not sure what else Ma had in her besides Border Leicester)  I have:
1- 8oz bump for $25

Looking and feeling both Deb’s and Liam’s roving, I can’t see a difference in color or texture.  Maybe they spin into yarn different, but I’ll have to leave that to some of the spinners to decide.

If you look at my yarn or roving and you see socks or sweater waiting to be made,  just email me here.  And Thanks!







3 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm Wool For Sale

  1. Maria, I know I am late in asking, but do you have any wool remaining? I would like to order 2 skeins, and here. Is my order of preference:

    1. Kim
    2. Zelda
    3. Suzy
    4. Socks
    5. Pumpkin

    I will pay through PayPal.

    Also, could I ask how much Suzy will be asking for her fingerless gloves at your October event.
    Thank you,
    Susie Buzan
    1207 S. Grant St.
    Bloomington, IN 47401

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