Wearable Earth Jewelry By Kathleen Nohe at the Bedlam Farm Open House

Kathleen's necklaces
Kathleen’s  Wrapped Stone Necklaces

Kathleen told me her jewelry was coming in the mail on Wednesday.   I picked  up the box at the Post Office anxious to get it home and open it.

And I wasn’t disappointed.   Last year Kathleen made her Wearable Earth Necklaces and we sold them all at the Open House.  When I asked her to be a part of the exhibit in my School House Gallery this year, she said she’d make necklaces and earring.

Opening the box was like opening a treasure chest.   Beautiful stones wrapped in silver with spirals.   Attached to the large stones are smaller stones, charms, seashells.   Jade, Jasper, Agate, Tiger Eye,  Rose Quartz….

This time Kathleen attached a small tag to each necklace naming the stone and it’s healing property.

Then I opened the other bag and pulled out the earrings.   Stone on top of stone, a charm or sea shell, each with a nickel free hook.   Onyx, Amethyst, Citrine, Howlite, Tourquoise…..

Kathleen's earrings
Kathleen’s earrings
Kathleen's earrings
Kathleen’s earrings

I’ll be selling Kathleen’s Wearable Earth jewelry at the Bedlam Farm Open House in October.  What ever doesn’t sell that weekend, I’ll post on my blog to sell after that.  You can also see more of Kathleen’s work on her website wearableearthjewelry.rocks.

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