Photographer George Forss at the Bedlam Farm Open House

Jon and George at Ginofor Gallery
Jon and George at Ginofor Gallery

There’s something special about a Sunday afternoon at George Forss’ Ginofor Gallery.   I’m not sure why, but when I  step through the door, I feel like I’ve been plucked out of the world I know and plunked down in a safe and comfortable nest surrounded by art.  Classical music fills the space, images of George’s photos flick across a giant TV screen.   There’s a table heavy with George’s black and white photos for sale.  I looked through them while Jon and George talked.  Usually someone wanders in off the street.  This time it was a woman coming to see Donna Wynbrandt and her art. (George sells Donna’s art in his gallery along with many other local artist’s works)  Donna calls George her “unofficial husband” and she’s often in the gallery when we visit.

George always has something new art in his gallery and something new going on.   Sunday he told us how some of his photos have just become a part of the permanent collection at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York.

Before we left, Jon bought a photo from the collection on the table, a street scene of Brooklyn.

At this October’s Bedlam Farm Open House George Forss will once again be there with his camera.  So if you’d like your portrait take by George, he’ll be there on Saturday with all the details.  On Sunday you can visit George in his Gallery on 38 Main Street in Cambridge.  It’s the Ginofor Gallery right next to Jacks Out Back Antiques.  Then you too can browse the table of photos and experience the magic of a Sunday afternoon at Georges Gallery.


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