Minnie Queen of the Hay Barn

Minnie in the barn
Minnie in the barn

Minnie is a sweetheart once she gets to know you.  But she doesn’t get to know many people.  Because Minnie is also a barn cat.  She spends her days as high up as she can get on the bales of hay in the barn.  Or when strangers come around, she sleeps under my studio.  She has to climb over the fence to get there, but even though she only has three legs, that doesn’t stop her.

Our barn is a comfortable and peaceful place for Minnie.   Sometimes the chickens keep her company there, all of them sitting together on the hay bales.  And sometimes Minnie hunts with our other cat Flo, but mostly she likes to be alone.  She’s in the basement during the winter and high on her bales, so she can keep an eye on things, in the summer.

4 thoughts on “Minnie Queen of the Hay Barn

  1. Stellar view of the world as Minnie climbs to her throne. All tripawds are gorgeous but Minnie has always had a big piece of my heart.

  2. Such a great video, Maria! I’ve missed hearing about Minnie or seeing her for a while, so I’m glad she’s doing well with all the other residents at Bedlam Farm. Thanks so much for posting this!
    From Fran

  3. This was so great Maria. It sent out the message loud and clear that Minnie is living her three legged truth, and quite successfully in her own way. So sweet you decided to save Minnie. God bless you and Jon 🙂

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