Carol Law Conklin’s Batiks at the Bedlam Farm Open House

"Caught in the Thunderstorm" By Carol Law Conklin
“Caught in the Thunderstorm” By Carol Law Conklin

Carol and her husband Dick were dairy farmers for many years. When they sold the farm a few years ago, Carol picked up where she left off as an artist and started creating her batiks again.   A lover of farm animals,  nature and horses, she said she was storing up images during all her years of farming.

And I believe it, because Carol doesn’t seem to be short of ideas.  Her images deal with farm life, plants and animals and are also based in mythology.  She’s as interested in what’s going on below the ground as on the earth and in the sky.

In her batik, “Caught in the Thunderstorm” Carol draws from her own experience of having her farm house struck by lightening.   She uses horses to depict the turmoil and power of the storm.  The dark horses darting the thunder and lightening in the sky, while the red horse below waits for the storm to pass.  When I read on Carol’s blog about the experience that inspired this piece, I could see how it captured the fear and awe Carol was feeling as she lay in bed with her husband and the storm raged around them.

Caught in the Thunderstorm is one of the many pieces Carol will be showing and selling at the Bedlam Farm Open House, which is just about two short weeks away.  She will have her original batiks and prints on fabric, note cards, trivets and cutting boards.  She’ll also be selling her batik scarves.

Carol Law Conklin Scarves
Carol’s   Batik Scarves

As dedicated to her work as she is, Carol still has the farm in her heart.  Not long after selling her farm Carol bought back one of her favorite cows, Steppin.    Carol has her work in many galleries around the country including in the Valley Artisian’s Market in Cambridge NY.    She was just admitted into The Batik Guild, an international organization.     You can also see more of her work and get to know Carol a little better on her blog Amity Farm Batik. 


Carol and her cow Steppin
Carol and her cow Steppin


2 thoughts on “Carol Law Conklin’s Batiks at the Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Carol’s batiks are AMAZING — if I could, I would purchase every single one!!! What is the fiber content for the scarves, Maria? Price? I may have to do some long distance shopping…

    1. Susan, I’m not sure about the scarves we’ll have at the show but if you scroll thought her ETSY page she has a few different kinds for sale. Amity Batiks. I think this link should work. If not her website is Amity Farm Batiks. And I agree they are amazing.

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