Trying To Herd The Sheep With Red and Fate

Jon stayed in bed this morning so I knew he really wasn’t feeling well.  Around noon he got up to eat some dry toast and blog.  Then I knew he was  getting better.  When Jon’s sick, whether he blogs or not, is the best way for me to gauge how he’s feeling.

Red and Fate  spent most of the day with Jon in bed.  (something Fate just learned to do today, lay at the bottom of the bed and sleep.  I think it shows her love and dedication to Jon).  But this afternoon, I took them for a walk and tried to do some sheep herding.

As you can see in the video, I’m not so good at it.  I’m actually a bit surprised when they do what I want them to.  Red really carried me and Fate.  Although Fate did what she does which seemed to work because  they ultimately did what I wanted them to do….bring the sheep into the pasture then move them out.

Luckily the donkeys and Chloe pay little attention to the sheep and dogs.  And I discovered, to my relief, that the sheep will do anything to avoid Fate, even if she’s laying down in their path.

I can  sheep herd with Red, I’ve done it before, mostly because he knows what he’s doing, even if I don’t.  But trying to work with Red and Fate is a different story.  Makes me really appreciate what Jon does everyday, teaching Fate and working with them both.

6 thoughts on “Trying To Herd The Sheep With Red and Fate

  1. It seems that you didn’t get a dog for yourself after all. Fate is obviously Jon’s dog. Perhaps a Border Collie is not a breed that fits with you. I know that you were considering a Golden Retriever; can you still see one as your personal dog? You deserve a dog that’s yours and yours alone.

    1. Fate is my dog and Jon’s dog Hannah. I get to do the things with Fate I love to do with a dog, like walking in the woods and having her spend time in my studio with me and driving around with me. And now Red and I are connecting more too.

  2. Hannah, Maria can speak for herself obviously, but I wanted to say I found the tone of your message rude and obnoxious. I’m not aware that anyone asked for your advice on choosing our dog or living with her or is interested in it. We both love Fate very much and are happy to share her. Maria does not write about animals as the focus of her blog as I do, so it is understandable for people to wonder about it, since I take a lot more photos and am training Fate to herd sheep. In the spirit of intrusive social media people with bad manners, I find you both sexist and offensive in your presumptions and intrusions. If Maria wants a different arrangement with a dog, she does not need help from you in arranging it. She has a lot clearer voice and more sense than you seem to.

    1. Well Jon, I wouldn’t have put it exactly that way, but it’s true what you wrote. Now I think I’ll address this in a blog post, because It’s got me thinking….

  3. For what it’s worth, you certainly sounded like you knew how to herd sheep with both dogs! Thank you so much for posting the video.

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