Ed Gully’s “Junk Art” at the Bedlam Farm Open House

Ed Gully has only shown his art in his own backyard.  But then he and his wife Carol are Dairy Farmers, so they have a big backyard.    And it has lots of materials for what Ed calls his Junk Art.

Jon met Carol in Cardiac Rehab and they became friends.   One day we went to visit Carol and Ed at their farm and I saw Ed’s Art.  You can’t miss it really, it’s everywhere.   And Ed’s been making it for years.  Not because he wants to be a famous artist, he actually never thought much about selling it.  He makes it because it’s what he does.  Because as much as he’s a farmer he’s also an artist.

So at this October’s Bedlam Farm Open House Ed Gully will be showing his work for the first time.  Made from all the stuff you might find on a farm and from pieces and parts that people drop off, knowing he might create something  with  them.   Ed looks at something that someone else might see as garbage and sees a sculpture.

But Ed can speak for himself.  He’s a natural story telling and loves to talk about his art and all the animals on his farm.  (He and Carol have a special way with animals and have had many unusual pets in their home from a baby hawk to raccoons.)

Ed’s art will not be in my School House Gallery, but scattered around outside.  You won’t be able to miss it or Ed  with his long white beard, who will be there too, to tell you all about it.

Ed Gully and Jon surrounded by Ed's sculpture
Ed Gully and Jon surrounded by Ed’s sculpture

5 thoughts on “Ed Gully’s “Junk Art” at the Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. This was wonderful ! I loved the turtle….on the right. Being an ole desert rat it touched my heart. Will it be for sale at your upcoming Art sale ?

  2. The turtles are great! I love it when people use the things they have to make art out of. It takes a lot of imagination and talent to create things.

    Thanks for showing us some of his work!


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