Monday Morning on Bedlam Farm, Getting Ready for the Open House

I woke up thinking about arranging the exhibit in my School House Gallery.   But I can’t do that until I empty out my studio and have all the art for the show.

I spent the day moving fabric and furniture into the laundry room and dining room.   I got an Intuition Doll from Claudia in the mail and a pair of Suzy’s fingerless gloves made with her  award winning hand spun yarn from my sheep Liam.  We’ll be raffling them and a quilt and cowl and hat to benefit Blue Star Equiculture at the Open House.  Tomorrow Rachel Barlow will drop off her work and by Wednesday I’ll have Carol Law Conklin and Ed Gully’s art.

I’ve had a little change in plans, Kim won’t be selling her felted bags.  She’s been have some back problems and wasn’t able to get any work done.  I’ll miss her helping me in the Gallery too, but my friend Mandy will be there instead.

Above is my Monday Morning on Bedlam Farm video.  Not the animals this time, but a tour of what my studio looked like this morning.  Take a look and get a peek at some of the art I’ll be selling this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning on Bedlam Farm, Getting Ready for the Open House

  1. Dear Maria and Jon,

    I wish you a wonderful Open House this weekend. Oh, how I want to be there. Attending a Bedlam Farm Open House is on my Bucket List, right at the top. Retirement is summer of 2017 for me, so that means I will be there in October 2017. So I hope you will keep up the tradition for four more Open Houses after this weekend! And if Blue Star doesn’t attend that one, I’ll be visiting them. I can hardly wait to take it all in. I love you both. And I hope you have great weather. And your workshop in November is hard for me to pass up, too. I hope it is a success and that it might continue, too.


    1. As far as I can see Susie, We’ll be doing this for a long time. So someday we’ll get to meet in person. Thanks for your good wishes!

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