Chloe Shaking The Tree

equines in sun rays

I’ve been so wired working to get things ready for the Open House, from my Gallery to everything else that needs to be done.  But in the mornings, I’ve been taking time to be with Fanny, Lulu and Chloe.  They’re grounding and calming.  I comb them or just stand with them, all of us still.    When I stand with them like that, I feel like I have a better chance of understanding what goes on in their minds and bodies.  It’s like I become one of them.  Like they’re teaching me how to just be.

But then we went over to the apple tree and I picked them each an apple.  The tree is like an umbrella, a couple of the branches, so heavy with apples, they’re broken.  The donkeys, Chloe and the sheep have eaten all the apples, leaves and bark they can reach, the soil beneath the tree is trampled smooth.  It’s become a magical space, cozy and protected.

I only picked one apple for each of them, but Chloe wanted more and I got to see how she figured out how to get an apple even if she couldn’t reach one.  Here’s what I saw…..

7 thoughts on “Chloe Shaking The Tree

  1. Aren’t horses fun, Maria, I’m sure lunging and picking out hooves and feeding and exercising all take time but when a horse shakes the apples out of a tree, they surely bring a smile to your face. Our neighbours had horses here years ago, pastured not far from my studio window. I found them very peaceful to watch; fun when they started chasing each other and not so much fun when our Australian Shepherd took it upon himself to chase a pony. He got kicked in the head for his nonsense, then, forever to sit on the sidelines of whatever pasture the horses were in, staring angrily at them for the rest of his life. He lies now beneath our large pine tree overlooking our home and my husband mourns his loss every day. I wish you and Jon well for the hopefully sunny days ahead over the week-end with your gathering and sharing of your lives and your home with others. It’s all about connecting with people and animals that makes life so worthwhile.
    SandyP in Ont., Canada

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